Individually Packaged

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    Minimum Quantity (Ind. Packaged): 6

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    If you want your cupcakes to be individually packaged, order from this page.

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    This product is only available for pickup, or local delivery in Toronto. Bunny Easter Cupcake Kits are also available here.

    Your Hype Food Co. Cupcake Decorating kit comes with the tools and ingredients you need to start decorating your cupcakes with your loved ones. No baking necessary and no mess! Ok, maybe it will get messy, but it is all part of the fun.

    Full Kits: includes 6 or 12 baked cupcakes, 3 regular (75g) piping bags (for 6 cupcakes) or 6 regular (75g) piping bags (for 12 cupcakes) pre-filled with vegan buttercream, sprinkles, and instructions.

    Mini Kits (individually packaged): Includes 1 or 2 delicious baked cupcakes, 1 mini 35g piping bag (for 1 cupcake) or 1 regular 75g piping bag (for 2 cupcakes) pre-filled with vegan buttercream, sprinkles, and instructions.

    Storage: Keep at room temperature if consuming the day (or the next day) of your pickup or delivery. Store the cupcakes in freezer to maintain freshness if you’re planning to consume at a later date. Buttercream icing should be stored at room temperature.

    Always keep everyone safe and included with our treats that are free from priority-allergens. And as always, an ingredient list will be provided with your order.

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    For Corporate Orders, please email [email protected].

    Our custom photo cookies will be loved by your guests at your next corporate event, wedding celebration, birthday party, baby shower or other milestone celebration. We will print an exact logo, photo or image using our edible ink printing technology. Our cookies are handcrafted in our dedicated gluten-free, nut-free and plant-based bakery. They are sealed in tamper-proof plastic bags with our allergen statement on the bag.

    PHOTO/IMAGE: After your order is submitted, respond to the confirmation email and attach the photo you want on your cupcakes. Only submit photos that you own the copyright to, or have permission to use. For more than 3 different photos, please contact us for custom pricing.

    Standard pricing on this page is for 3″ square cookies. Extra fees may apply for different cookie sizes or shapes. Email us for a custom quote.